An Opportunity to make a Difference

Clean Energy and Clean Oceans for Future Generations


Earthchild is a part of Peace 2000, a non profit organization with associates in more than 40 countries. Peace 2000 has several times flown humanitarian aid to children in war torn areas. The organization has been active in activism for peace by producing TV infomercials against violence, assisting volunteers and human shields in war areas, and by presenting the Leif Eiriksson Peace Award.

Peace 2000 was founded in 1995 at a town meeting set by the Icelandic Minister for the Environment with 500 people and speakers from organizations around the world, including UNESCO, World Court Project and the Chernobyl Childrens Project.

Making a difference

Peace 2000 has been awarded for its Santa aid flights to war torn areas done under a special permission of the UN Security Council, by the Gandhi Foundation, UNESCO and the Greek Orthodox Church who decorated its founder, Icelandic Presidential Candidate Thor Magnusson with their Holy Gold Cross for humanitarian work at a ceremony in memory of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana.

The work of Peace 2000 has been featured by REUTERS, CNN, ABC, CBS and others. Peace 2000 has worked together with several other charities, including the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

The work of Peace 2000 has been made entirely possible by the support of corporate and government sponsors including: Boeing Aeroplane Group, Alitalia, Icelandair, Air Atlanta, Air Cyprus, Royal Jordanian Airways, Cronus Airways,Parcelpost, LandRover, British Civil Aviation Authority, Eurocontrol,Hilton, Sheraton and Intercontinental Hotels, DHL, Shell, BP, Verisign, Western Union, Globenet Technologies, Adenin Technologies and more than 300 other companies around the world.